Virtual Private Servers

A VPS is similar to having your own dedicated server except you share the hardware. The software is completely private. This means you can install your own software, host services other than web sites and you are completely unaffected by the other users on the server.

Perfect for

  • Busy web sites
  • Security critical sites
  • Custom software
  • Custom hosting

Get Static or PHP hosting for

  • Small web sites
  • Basic web hosting

Benefits of Virtual Private Servers

Dedicated resources

You are guaranteed minimum resources (RAM, CPU and hard drive space). Your site (or software) is not affected by how busy the other users' sites are. Your site will be faster and constant.

Most secure

Your VPS has its own Linux installation and is completely separate from others. It is not possible for a hacker to gain access to your server through another user's potentially insecure site.

Custom software

You can install any Linux software you need. You can host services other than web sites, such as a VPN, email, file server and many more. You could even use the server as a remote computer for development.

Cost effective

A VPS costs a lot less than a dedicated server. It also allows you to get small servers since a full dedicated server is far more powerful than most users need.


When multiple users share a dedicated server by having a VPS, fewer servers are built and less electricity is used.

What's included

Fully Managed

We setup and configure the VPS. We can install most software you require. We keep the server up-to-date with regular updates and maintenance.

Full Monitoring

We monitor every hosted service and all running programs to keep them running and alert us of problems.

No work needed

You can simply tell us what services/features you are looking for from your VPS and we can set it up for you. You never even need to log into your VPS.


We will lock down your VPS to keep it very secure. We will also setup your firewall to be as restrictive as possible.


We have daily backups of your entire VPS and do offsite backups of your files as well.


We won't stop until we fix any problems that come up with the VPS.

  • PHP
  • $9.99/mo
  • Dynamic websites
  • 1GB Storage
  • 20GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Database
  • Order

VPS Options

  • 256
  • $89.99/mo
  • 256MB RAM
  • 1 CPU Core (2.3Ghz+)
  • 90 GB Disk
  • 1000GB Transfer
  • 1 IP Address
  • Order
  • 512
  • $109.99/mo
  • 512MB RAM
  • 2 CPU Cores (2.3Ghz+)
  • 120 GB Disk
  • 2000GB Transfer
  • 1 IP Address
  • Order
  • 1024
  • $129.99/mo
  • 1024MB RAM
  • 4 CPU Cores (2.3Ghz+)
  • 150 GB Disk
  • 3000GB Transfer
  • 1 IP Address
  • Order
  • 2048
  • $159.99/mo
  • 2048MB RAM
  • 4 CPU Cores (2.3Ghz+)
  • 200 GB Disk
  • 4000GB Transfer
  • 1 IP Address
  • Order

Do not hesitate to Contact us if you are unsure which plan is best for you or if you have any questions.