Why host with us?

Tailored Setup

We will manually configure your hosting account to fit your needs (including any software you need). Most hosts automate the setup.

Your site stays up

There are many horror stories of web hosting companies disabling or terminating their clients' websites because their site received too much traffic too quickly. We will never turn your site off.


We don't charge you for hosting while you are still building your website.*

No term commitments

You are free to move your website away from us at any time.

Best Customer Service

We answer all your questions as quickly and accurately as possible.

Website is safe

We work hard to keep our servers secure in order to protect your company image.

Fast Servers

We don't put 1000+ clients to a single server like most hosting companies. We keep our clients per server as low as possible in order to keep your website as fast as possible.

* We won't start your hosting period until you are done setting up your website. We reserve the right to consider your website complete when we think it looks ready (or at least mostly ready).