Security is our number 1 priority

Security is critically important

Bad security can lead to your website being offline or even worse, a hacker can edit your website. There is nothing worst for your company image than that. This is why security is at the top of our list when we build our servers.

Secure Connections

We are blown away that almost all web hosting companies provide FTP access to their customers. FTP is extremely insecure. This is completely unacceptable to us, especially since there are secure alternatives. We do not have FTP access to our servers. We provide our clients with a secure alternative.

Custom Configuration

We customize the configuration of virtually everything we install. A lot of software comes with default configuration that invites backdoor access to hackers. Our custom configuration makes it one step harder to break into.

Less is More

"Less is more" couldn't be more accurate when it comes to computer security. The more software that is installed the more potential security holes exist. We make every effort to install only what is absolutely needed.

Restrictive Firewalls

As with software, the less you allow through your firewall the more secure your system. Our firewalls are highly restrictive and deny all traffic that isn't required.