Free services to help your business succeed

Included with all Web hosting plans

Basic SEO

We will scan your site for basic search engine optimization improvements.

Website help

We will help you choose the right software for your site. We can also send you some great resources to find templates and other information.

Website transfer

We can transfer your site for you or help you coordinate the transfer with as little downtime as possible (usually with zero downtime).

Find bad links

We will search your site for broken links.

Search engines

We will send you links to add your sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Free web templates

We have over 700 templates to choose from.

sitemap.xml creation

We can create a sitemap.xml file for you.

Google Analytics help

We can help you get Google Analytics on your site.

DNS Hosting

We will host your DNS for free.

Robots.txt creation

We can create a robots.txt file for you.

Included with the Wordpress and PHP Hosting plans

Email hosting

We can host 2 email accounts with up to 200MB each.

Included with all Domain registrations

DNS Hosting

Get free DNS hosting for each domain you register with us.

Domain Forwarding

Setup your domain to forward to another website.

* Some TLDs do not support domain privacy.